Small update

Oh my lord, I just discovered that in Japan there they have japanmation-ized the Powerpuff Girls! It even has a really weird Japanese-version origin story now, but apparently Mojo Jojo is still in it. I'll write about it and have screens and stuff as soon as I get an episode.

I have yet to actually write any articles for this thing, but I've had a giant project on the works that has been my top priority, but I've thought of some things that need to be written.



Well'p, this is my new blog. My old one being an ancient, barely used livejournal that I barely use because of the nasty, slightly acidic feeling whenever I attempt to use it whatsoever. My goal for this thing will be not so much just a diary or just a rant-bag, but something at least slightly entertaining and/or interesting. I know that's somewhat lofty but it has to happen or else everything will collapse into the abyss of Empty Blog-space Land.

As a side note, and to test the image feature on this, I would like to say that this is the dog that I must have.